Unicorn versus Wolpertinger.

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Mr. President,

You, the tireless shepherd and zealot of French Tech, have just presented, not without pride, on 17 January, to the whole country, the crowning glory of your efforts: a herd of 25 unicorns.

All French citizens, even if they are not very familiar with mystery religions, sense, even without really grasping all the lyrical flights of fancy of a young hierophant of the Metaverse; they sense - with this gauge that is only calibrated in pifometric units - that "this crazy dough" - $1 billion for each bestiary (or "bestiaulle" in inclusive writing) - must conceal some unfathomable mystery.  

Let's briefly recall what a unicorn is?

 A company valued at $1 billion (or €882 million) and less than 10 years old. This mythical unicorn status is achieved for almost all of them by their last fundraising round, which is generally around $250 million.

 In 2019, there were 6 unicorns in our country. You promised 25. You achieved that. So we have 19 more.

 A little elementary school math :

19 x €882 million (less chic than $1 billion) = €16,758,000,000valuation.

We are on LinkediN and everyone knows that valuation cannot be confused with turnover, gross margin, net margin, profits etc.

 And that theoretical future values sometimes lead to the graveyard of dead unicorns.

Among all these mythical animals that populate our imaginations, I would like to invite you, Mr. President, to add the Wolpertingerto your hunting list.

It is certainly much less elegant and graceful than the mythical unicorn. Its repulsive appearance and its grunts to frighten you when you want to grab it should not, however, discourage a strong man or make him give up the game.

Because it's really worth it...

Even if this expression is not very ..start-up nation.

A Wolpertinger who has been duly located for some time now could bring in the sum of €20 billion, and this amount could go directly into the coffers of the country you preside over.

If we refer to the latest catches and bids for Wolpertingers in the USA or Germany, several billion euros would still go into the pockets of almost a million of our fellow citizens if we manage to get hold of it.

A rough estimate is €23 to 25 billion, which is not a valuation, but "real money", for immediate use.

Who will dare to claim across the political arc that we don't need ' magic money'?

Magic money that could be allocated immediately to Health, Education, Justice and the ecological transition. Without coming out of the pockets of the inhabitants of this country.300€/inhabitant.

This Wolpertinger, as you have already realised, has caused damage even in our countryside, poisoning the air of our country, and flouting almost a million of our fellow citizens who thought they were being civic-minded towards the planet.

Let us also remember that all the inhabitants of our country have financed (in the form of taxes) the ecological bonuses that have favoured the invasive development - by jockeying - of this animal that has nothing mythical about it.

Like all readers, you have already guessed his name; the Volkswagen company, and are not unaware of the murderous continuum of his curriculum vitae.

Mr. President, the Wolpertinger only respects and fears the strong. All this is factually detailed in several articles written earlier.

But, while I was inviting you, Mr. President, to hold this Wolpertinger accountable, who settled $27 billion in the US in 2017 without batting an eyelid, this post was censored after 3 hours and 450 views on this network, on the same January 17 when you were busy presenting your unicorns.

I don't know if it was a request from Wolpertinger, a big advertiser on LinkedIn, or from some other agency from across the Rhine (Jugendamt) that repopulates this ageing country with the thousands of children of divorced or non-divorced European bi-national couples, by condemning them to " Forced Residence " on German soil.

Again with the help of rigged software, which repeats over and over again in all the courts that the " best interests of the child " are to remain on German soil.

This censored article is now online at this link with the invitation you received:

Yes, Mr. President, rather than just chasing after alluring unicorns, let's capture this Wolpertinger together by supporting the Challenge Volkswalügen.

Because it is a citizen and European challenge to support or force political powers (whoever they may be) to defend the interests of those they represent (parents, children, consumers, companies, general interest etc.)

In this Europe, where the German predominance in leadership positions sketches day after day the image of a world - "afterimage" - in which the citizens of the other side of the Rhine would still be privileged in relation to all European citizens, this Europe is in great danger of becoming nothing more than the standard bearer of the terrifying and repulsive Chimera.

But it is worth reminding every reader of this article that the privileges acquired from our first cousins are only the result of our own abulia.

So, Mr. President, between two unicorn hunts, give a little more political support to the work of your judges, the cheated consumer associations, the citizens forced to breathe poisoned air (all of us), the robbed taxpayers (all of us) as well as the hundreds of French parents robbed of their children.

Your speech to the European Parliament on 19 January lacked tone and vision, according to some political commentators.

Moreover, there is no trace of it in some major European newspapers such as " Die Welt " and " SZ " for Germany, " The Guardian " for the United Kingdom, nor in the "Tribune de Genève". Only a few lines in " EL PAÍS " for Spain or "La Libre Belgique " mention it.

Invited to a press briefing after your speech, the many journalists present were unable to ask any questions, and many of them decided to leave the room so as not to have to listen to a press release that repeated the five hours of your speech in plenary.

However, there was another highlight on 19 January:

"The Paris appeals court on Wednesday (19 January) upheld charges against Volkswagen in the Dieselgate case, even though the company had asked for them to be dropped because of parallel proceedings in Germany, said a judicial source contacted by AFP."

Yes, but remember my warning about the Wolpertinger growling to scare you, when you are about to grab it.

"Volkswagen intends to appeal to the Court of Cassation

However, as early as September 2021 " The European Commission has called on the car manufacturer Volkswagen to compensate customers throughout the European Union, not just in Germany.

Although this challenge is eminently political, pursuing an economic goal for the citizens, it is transparent and patriotic as well as European and ecological.

In spite of all the boxes you ticked, you forgot to mention it in your five-hour speech!

But, all is forgiven, Mr. President, because on this same network where I see your opponents, resisters, defenders of the general interest (air quality, water quality, etc.), faithful and enthusiastic readers, pass every day, none of them has rushed to download NFThemis "Volkswalügen", which they could share massively on their social networks to actively support this fight of general interest.

European Commissioner Didier Reynders, who is certainly better informed than the average citizen, nevertheless calls for "political pressure". "The risk that Volkswagen runs in this case is a reputational risk","It is really a problem of consumer confidence".

But consumers seem to accept without a hitch that their 14,000 litres of air breathed daily are enriched with NO2 , which reduces life expectancy by ten to twenty years according to MIT.

Citizens who will have financed ecological bonuses for this company to become the world's leading manufacturer in 2014, thanks to its "clean cars".

But perhaps we have, without knowing it, already tipped over into this Metaverse where 25 unicorns valued at €17 billion in the more or less near future, would be more desirable than the €23 or €25 billion cash of a single Wolpertinger.

Wolpertinger who would pay if we knew how to be strong. Nothing more, Mr President.

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