Child of French nationality, Breton surname, born in the Balearic Islands and sentenced to "Forced Residence" in Germany.

For having criticised the court decision (16 F 553/20) through this photomontage - original in German - addressed privately to 4 people, including the child and his mother, a court in Baden-Württemberg sentenced the child's father to a €1,200 fine or 30 days in prison. 08/11/2021. Aktenzeichen: 50Cs41Js21218/21

'To make shame more shameful still by making it public'

Now available in English, Breton, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Italian, Polish, Bulgarian and soon in Yiddish, Georgian, Herrero, Armenian, Czech, Japanese etc. The NFThemis Challenge, in which you are invited to participate, is to reproduce and circulate this photomontage in the 6,000 other languages (six thousand) spoken on this planet.

Target for this NFT: €1,200,000. (one million two hundred thousand €).

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token(NFT) is a special type of cryptographic token that represents a digital object such asan  image, video, or audio file, to which is attached a digital identity that is linked to a non-empty set of owners.

Some NFTs can achieve record sales.

A work by the artist Beeple: $69,300,000, or CryptoPunk 7523: $11,800,000 and the web source code: $5,430,000

A young French start-up Sorare has just raised €580,000,000 in September 2021 for a game that allows the exchange of virtual football player stickers on the blockchain. A mix of Panini cards and football manager.

NFThemis has much better to offer.

Who is Themis?

Themis is the daughter of heaven and earth -Ouranos and Gaia- ... 

Goddess of Justice, Law and Equity, Themis assists Zeus in Olympus. She is often depicted in ancient art holding the scales with which she weighs the arguments of opposing parties.

An allegory of justice and law, she is usually depicted with a sword  in one hand, symbolising punishment, a balance in the other, for the balance she maintains, and blindfolded as a sign of impartiality.

However, Justice is often at the service of policy.

Why own this NFThemis for only 2 €?

By appropriating this NFThemis and circulating it to your friends and family, or to organisations such as the French Ministry of Education, the French Justice, the Goethe Institutes or the French Institute network, the two thousand five hundred twinned towns listed, not forgetting all the members of the European Parliament, journalists in France, Germany or elsewhere in Europe, you will be lending a hand in denouncing this scandal of the children of divorced binational couples condemned to "Forced Residency" in Germany

You are alsopart ofthe denunciation of these many lawsuits (fine in my case for making comments on my child's education and a photo montage showing him as a political prisoner). Hence this NFT project. These proceedings have no other purpose than to keep silent about the practices of the Jugendamt and the German justice system. They also serve as a pretext to deprive the parent - troublemaker - of his or her parental rights.

All the factual information concerning the "legalized theft" of French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Belgian, Greek, Luxembourgish, Breton children etc. by our neighbour and partner, as well as the genesis of this policy implemented for several decades by this ageing country, can be found in the article "The flapping of Mrs Merkel's wings and the butterfly effect of her decisions". Article written by the creator of this site.

German version estimated at €1,200 fine or 30 days in prison by a BW court.



Italian version.

Breton version.

As everyone knows, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

1,000 times more than the fine of a German court.

In particular, when it defends :

  • Freedom of expression - putting words to a court decision.
  • Freedom of choice; a country other than Germany, for the education of her child -French, Breton surname, born in the Balearic Islands-.
  • Freedom of information to denounce this practice denounced by all other countries.
  • Freedom to be understood in all languages.
  • Freedom of movement on any medium: internet, e-Card, social networks etc.

Upload NFThemis in all languages to illustrate your messages on social networks, contribute:

  • To set up a network of solidarity around Art for Justice.
  • To politicise a debate outside the German courts, which always give the same decisions in favour of the parent who resides in Germany (whether he or she is a man or a woman, whether he or she is beneficial or harmful to the child, whatever his or her nationality and educational abilities). The best interest of the child - but above all that of Germany - is that the child remains on German soil.
  • To support economically this fight which is ruining many parents.
  • A défendre indirectement vos propres intérêts économiques et politiques vu la place prépondérante prise par l’Allemagne dans toutes les institutions européennes. Fameux compromis de Cambridge; si := min {b + [pi/d], M}. 
  • To participate in the launch of other NFThemis. For example:


The Volkswagen case.

The "Dieselgate" scandal in 2015 affected all European citizens.

  • Even if you are not one of the 950,000owners who have been cheated by this brand in France.
  • All French citizens have contributed through taxes to the implementation of ecological bonuses - several billion € - which allowed this brand to sell more "clean cars", and thus become the world's leading car manufacturer in 2014.
  • Air pollution kills about 100,000 people/year in France and 800,000 in Europe. 8.5 million tampered vehicles have been on the road since 2009, with emissions sometimes 20 to 40 times higher than advertised.
  • The American and German owners are largely compensated.
  • The French judges in charge of this case complain about the non-cooperation of the German justice system and the Volkswagen company. So do the plaintiffs' lawyers in France and other European countries.

  • Last September, the European Commission called on the car manufacturer Volkswagen to compensate customers throughout the European Union , not just in Germany, without continuing to "play for time" by exhausting all legal remedies.
  • But this request is not binding. Just like the European Parliament's request in the case of " stolen children ". Germany is not budging.
  • Volkswagen faces a €20 billion fine in France.
  • Repatriating these €20 billion to France as soon as possible would improve the country's finances.
  • And therefore those of every citizen. Almost 300 €/inhabitant.
  • In addition to the billions of ecological bonuses paid by all citizens, let us not forget the deleterious effects of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) which weakens the lungs of everyone and reduces our immune protection according to the WHO which regularly warns against this danger.



Why is it urgent to act now?

                    France's presidency of Europe is only for 6 months:

  • The children are growing up, and my son has already missed his second year of schooling in France. Many parents have been suffering for several years. And the end of Covid-19 is only planned for 2024, according to Pfizer at a meeting with investors. "Die Welt" 18/12/2021.

  • Volkswagen is playing for time so that most of the complaints filed as early as 2016 will lapse as a result of the scrapping of the vehicles. More vehicles; more evidence of deception.


          Why do these two transpartisans  problems impact on the health of our children?     

Similar modes of deception.

On the part of the Jugendamt and the German justice system (uniformity of procedures, judgements and conclusions, fathers removed from the civil register, opacity and omerta etc.) to appropriate European children.

During economic collaborations with the flagships of German industry. Apart from the Volkswagen case and its corruption of software to hide the pollution of its "clean vehicles", the French arms industry, which is not made up of battalions of clergymen, speaks of "skulduggery" to denounce the various failings and the many "unfair " during these numerous "industrial collaborations".

          - Tiger helicopter. Schwerin agreement. Financial dumping to steal the maintenance of the Galileo satellites, "rigging" the orders for the A400M etc.

Similar behaviour with the weak (single parents, timid or subservient European states).

If we compare this German superiority complex - which considers that the "well-being of the child" can only be in Germany - with the contempt shown by Volkswagen and the German justice system towards French, Spanish and Belgian judges and lawyers, etc., in order to hide behind the loopholes or complexity and diversity of the legislation in force in European countries, in order to better refuse to compensate the buyers who have been cheated by the brand,  compared to the speed with which Volkswagen compensated American motorists and paid billions of fines in the USA as early as 2017; so yes, Germany only respects the strong.

Between the fine and the out-of-court settlement reached to reimburse American customers and the environmental damage, the manufacturer will have paid out nearly 25 billion dollars for 480,000 vehicles in the USA.

This is after pleading guilty in 2017 to " conspiracy ", " obstruction of justice " and " importation of goods into the United States under false pret enses".

The entire French political arc displays its patriotism in front of the cameras.

But only a few dozen MEPs - from all political parties - have taken up the subject of "stolen children" by Germany. While French children represent the largest number of cases in Europe. This cause is, however, as patriotic and transpartisan as can be.

As for the defence of consumers who were victims of the Volkswagen fraud, French politicians are also very silent, except for an ecologist deputy, vice-president of the Ile-de-France regional council, who filed a complaint in 2015 for "aggravated deception".

To abstain or to act ?

As republican fraternity - solidarity between citizens - recedes, the clan fraternities of oligopolistic companies (press, industry, health, banking, etc.), are gaily fructifying on the ongoing fragmentations in our societies.

Clan fraternities often encouraged by the silence or complicity of the political powers, but also by our own silence.

A weapon of mass instruction: the NFThemis is now at our service.

To inform every French and European citizen about the thousands of children from all over Europe who are held in " Forced Residence " in Germany.

Denounce the fact that what is legal is not necessarily legitimate.

To defend the right to criticise what is not legitimate. Without risking fines or prison.

To oblige all parliamentarians of the other 26 countries to have Germany condemned for: " legalized child stealing to ensure its repopulation at the expense of other nations".

For the 300 or more cases "under consideration" in the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament to be successful immediately with the annulment of all judgments by German courts against the non-resident parent in Germany and the repatriation of the children with the parents harmed by these judgments.

Visiting rights of the German parent or parent residing in Germany will be granted for the welfare of the child.

An independent and transnational commission will report on the acclimatisation of these children outside Germany after 4 years. This report will be made public.


5,000 additional deaths per year in Europe due to " Dieselgate" (emissions in excess of test limits). Countries most affected: Germany, France, Italy.

If you don't die today, you can still lose up to 10 or 20 years of life, due to increased emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter, which are particularly harmful to the respiratory system and can enter the bloodstream. (MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology).


Two scandals: one country.

The former is poisoning the lives of thousands of parents and children in Europe.

The latter poisons the air of millions of Europeans.

Both have a huge cost to the public purse, and therefore to you.

Let's act now.

Let's download one or more NFThemis and pass them around EVERY day to new recipients.

These first two NFThemis will circulate off blockchain initially. Because the idea is to bring people together around these causes and to interact.

NFThemis on blockchain would limit access to them. However, it is important that the first NFThemis concerning schooling circulates in the colleges, high schools and with the teachers for this second year of the great national cause: reading, of which my child is deprived.

This is so that Jean-Michel Blanquer, who gets on well with Armin Laschet (CDU) - who has the ear of Mrs Merkel - can ask her to cancel a decision taken under her mandate last July for my son.

A decision that condemns a child to illiteracy in Germany and illiteracy in France. (See article "Mrs. Merkel's flapping wings").

By reminding him that the 300 petitions submitted to the European Parliament were submitted during Chancellor Angela Merkel's 16-year presidency.

NFThemis versus petitions.

A petition signed by hundreds of thousands of people is often only addressed to one interlocutor (e.g. the minister). It is therefore necessary to wait for the Deputy Secretary General's trainee to send a summary of the petition to the Minister's Secretary General.

 To "impress" a company or ministry, the petition must reach a certain number of signatories.

NFThemis is immediately operational, and its impactful image encourages people to read the petition; website on the image.

It can therefore be read as soon as it is received by the recipients. The more massive the mailings and the tighter the network around the recipients, the sooner they will be encouraged to read the message. And perhaps even to hear about it in their own circle.

How to download these NFTs?

Buttons below to download your "Political Prisoner" NFThemis in one or more languages (12 available so far).

Once you have them, you can send them dozens or hundreds of times to accompany your messages (email, social networks), and above all encourage your relations (at least three people) to participate in the NFThemis challenge:

Translating the first NFThemis into 6,000 languages. (Six thousand is a real challenge ... and you are part of it).

To raise in 6 months 1,200,000 € (one million two hundred thousand €), -1,000 times the court fine. This is part of the challenge.

Repatriating more than 300 children in "Forced Residence " in Germany. This is the victory of this challenge.

There is nothing to stop us from joining the Volkswalügen challenge. Everyone knows a German car owner, just as everyone knows parents, their children, teachers, journalists, politicians, lawyers, car dealers, and everyone is beginning to become aware, if not to feel, the evils of air pollution which kills 100,000 people/year in France.


  • The judges in charge of this case, and the French lawyers of the hundreds of thousands of civil parties will appreciate this citizen's help if millions of NFThemis Volkswalügen are circulating in Europe (FR, DE, ES, IT ,NL, GR,PL,EN,PT).
  • And force the French government to settle this issue quickly by putting pressure on Germany, because it is also a problem of public health and good management of public funds (to avoid creating new taxes).

Because the estimated €20 billion fine (ecological bonuses, all the citizens who are collateral victims of pollution, etc.) could be immediately allocated to education, justice, health, or even to complete the extension of line E of the RER.


20 billion or 1/5 of the French recovery plan.

The France Recovery Plan

"In order to face the Covid-19 epidemic, the Government has put in place, since the beginning of the crisis, unprecedented measures to support businesses, which continue to be mobilized today. In order to quickly and sustainably recover the French economy, the Government has been deploying an exceptional €100 billion recovery plan for nearly six months, based on three main components: ecology, competitiveness and cohesion. This recovery plan, which proposes a roadmap for the country's economic, social and ecological overhaul, sets out concrete measures for everyone.

Ecology is at the heart of the France Recovery Plan. Out of 100 billion euros, 30 billion euros are entirely devoted to the ecological transition. The aim is to make ecology the main lever for the recovery and transformation of our economy.

Thus, this money recovered would not be taken from the taxpayers' pockets in the form of taxes. (380€/inhabitant).

In the event of victory, the ROI (return on investment) of your NFThemis " Volkswalügen" will deserve to be cited in all history and economics books. Alongside other action concepts that have also proved their worth throughout history: "Boycott", "Name and shame", etc., which have forced companies, states or brands to modify or abandon some of their practices.

It is up to us to test the relevance of NFThemis, and convert it into a first citizen victory for 2022.

Download my "Political Prisoner" NFThemis

Download my NFThemis "Volkswalügen

I download the 12 translated First NFThemis + 2 free Volkswalügen. Support for the project 20€.


Artists, illustrators, caricaturists for future NFThemis.

In order to professionally illustrate the future NFThemis, renowned artists in this field will be called upon.

A percentage of 12.5% will be paid to the authors of NFThemis.

The Nfthemis "Prisonnier politique" and "Volkswalügen" are registered with the INPI and may only be used to promote this site and the causes it supports.

Structure, organisation, distribution of funds :

For more than a thousand years, we have used the expression "battre monnaie" in French.

With NFThemis (Art & Justice), we invite all European citizens to create a "currency to fight" against injustice.

These first two challenges of general interest concern the whole continent:

  • French and European children sentenced to "Forced Residence" in Germany.
  • European consumers cheated and considered as second class citizens by Volkswagen and the German justice. This inferiority does not allow them to claim compensation in the same way as German and American citizens.
  • Air quality and hidden pollution (Nox) for all, which reduces our life expectancy.
  • Loss of €20,000,000,000 for public finances in France due to the lack of support from the political authorities for judges, lawyers and consumer associations. That is 1/5 of the recovery plan.


The form chosen to launch this project and comply with the legislation is that of a SASU.

Ideally, an association under the 1901 law or a Scop should take over in order to perpetuate it in France and in Europe. This would facilitate the creation of a "European citizen shareholding for Justice".

Faced with basic rights that are increasingly flouted by courts in the service of a political power (local, national or European), many European citizens, distraught by certain court decisions, manage to persuade themselves, with a certain amount of fatigue, that they are simply "ad iniurias fortunae exponor" (exposed to the blows of fate).

This is not the case, as decisions are never made "blind" as in a tasting.

For when these decisions serve to protect powerful economic interests (e.g. the Volkswagen case), and to depreciate non-German EU citizens into inferior citizens, just as non-resident relatives on German soil into systematic losers of all procedures; politicians should not feign surprise at the growing disinterest of European citizens in a Union largely governed by German political and economic power.

Distribution and use of funds :

The same percentage as that offered to the artists will be allocated to the management of the project.

This is to ensure that 75% of the money raised goes to the causes that NFThemis will sponsor.

"Political prisoner: 

  • see NFThemis roadmap.
  • Support for associations and parents who have been robbed of their property with ongoing proceedings.


Volkswalügen :

Associations for the defence of the environment in Europe.

Given the multiple factors of pollution that affect our health (air, water, food, etc.), the participants of the Volkswalügen challenge will be offered a panel of associations for which they can vote for the distribution of these funds.

Your first NFThemis are waiting for you to give even more value to what is priceless.

The participants of the Challenge will be regularly informed about the progress of the Challenge on their e-mail addresses, (new NFThemis, amounts, geographical origins, participants' suggestions etc.).

To shine at family dinners, with friends or colleagues; tell them you are participating in a Challenge :

  • Translating an NFThemis into 6,000 languages.
  • Raise €1,200,000.
  • Release over 300 children sentenced to 'Forced Residence' in Germany.
  • To get compensation for the 950,000 owners cheated by Volkswagen.
  • To bring in the coffers of the French State 20,000,000,000 € to reduce our taxes.

All this for a handful of euros.

You will definitely be the hero of the day. Don't forget to send a previously downloaded NFThemis to your friends and family to invite them to join the challenge.

As for the children, the collection and exchange of NFThemis stickers will allow them to improve or discover foreign languages while having fun (e-card, stickers etc...).

" There comes an hour when protesting is no longer enough; after philosophy, action is needed; lively force completes what the idea has outlined. " Victor Hugo.


Chief Executive Officer.

"It is when one is surrounded by all dangers that one should fear none." Sun Tzu

Chief Technology Officer.

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them do nothing."
Albert Einstein.

"Die Welt wird nicht bedroht von den Menschen, die böse sind, sondern von denen, die das Böse zulassen."

"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who look on and do nothing."

"El mundo no será destruido por los que hacen el mal, sino por aquellas que lo ven y no hacen nada".

"Ο κόσμος είναι ένα επικίνδυνο μέρος για να ζεις, όχι εξαιτίας αυτών που κάνουν το κακό αλλά από εξαιτίας εκείνων που βλέπουν και δεν κάνουν κάτι."

"Il mondo non sarà distrutto da quelli che fanno il male, ma da quelli che li guardano senza fare nulla"

"Мир уничтожат не те, кто творит зло, а те, кто спокойно смотрит на это и ничего не предпринимает."

" Świat jest miejscem niebezpiecznym nie tylko z powodu tych, którzy czynią zło, ale również tych, którzy na to patrzą i nic nie robią."

Chief Operating Officer.

Political Prisoner in Germany.

"Ich gehe auch zu papa zum Gefängnis besuchen ich mag mama und papa trostem sol keiner in Gefängnis" 22/10/2021.

"I will visit my father in prison, I love my mother and father and no one should go to prison". 22/10/2021.

"I will visit my father in prison, I love my mother and father and nobody should go to prison."

"Visitaré a mi padre en la cárcel, quiero a mi madre y a mi padre y nadie debería ir a la cárcel."

"Θα επισκεφθώ τον πατέρα μου στη φυλακή, αγαπώ τη μητέρα και τον πατέρα μου και κανείς δεν πρέπει να πάει στη φυλακή."

"Andrò a trovare mio padre in prigione, amo mia madre e mio padre e nessuno dovrebbe andare in prigione". 22/10/2021.

"Я буду навещать своего отца в тюрьме, я люблю свою мать и отца, и никто не должен сидеть в тюрьме." 22/10/2021.

"Odwiedzę mojego ojca w więzieniu, kocham moją matkę i ojca i nikt nie powinien iść do więzienia". 22/10/2021.