"Strafbefehl": €1,200 fine or 30 days in prison for political opinion.

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             (Criminal order) 

1,200 fine or 30 days in prison for publishing this photo-montage addressed to four people in private on WhatsApp.

" Darunter übersandten Sie neben diversen Äusserungen über Ihre Vorstellungen zur Erziehung des Kindes u.a ein Photo , in welchen das Kind als politischer Gefangener bezeichnet wird. "50Cs41Js21218/21

In French.

" In particular, you sent a photo in which the child is described as a political prisonerYou sent a photo in which the child is described as a political prisoner, as well as various statements about your ideas on the education of the child."

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French translation of the text on the photo :

"Double punishment: condemned to illiteracy in Germany and illiteracy in France."

"Political prisoner". File no. for this sentence : 16 F 553/20.

In this montage, my son's face is blurred with three flags to remind Germany that this 12-year-old is :

- French nationality.

- With a Breton surname.

- Born in Palma De Mallorca, Spain.

That the misnamed " Greek crisis " in 2008 -financial crisis that turned into an economic crisis- and concomitant to the "Schweinegrippe -H1N1- or Mexican flu," in 2009, -which was to take away half of humanity- caused the bankruptcy of my tourism product publishing companies based in Greece, Spain and Mexico, and exporting to 6 countries for almost 20 years.

That around 400,000 businesses closed in Greece, almost 200,000 in Spain, over 300,000 in Italy, not to mention Portugal, Ireland and even France.

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A financial crisis which, let's remember again for the distracted and forgetful bankers, turned into an economic crisis when it was decided by the banks of the Northern countries and their governments (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, etc.) to make the peoples of the Southern countries pay by selling them " rescue plans"a more elegant concept than " forced borrowing"to bail out the subsidiaries of these banks in the South of Europe, among other things.

"All the money that was supposed to go to the Greek people went to German and French banks. It was not a rescue plan for Greece but for the European banks". 2015.Joseph Stiglitz. Nobel Prize in Economics in 2001.

" The Greek economy collapsed mainly because of the austerity measures imposed on Greece " 2015. Paul Krugman. Nobel Prize in Economics in 2008.

According to German historian Albrecht Ritschl, professor at the London School of Economics, the failure to pay off his country's debts after the two world wars was the cause of the post-war German economic miracle

France Info. 2015.5 evidence that the reform plan imposed on Greece is not realistic.

This - temporary - residence in Germany, a consequence of economic and political decisions authoritatively imposed by this country on the whole of Southern Europe, could not, even if I resided for four years in Baden-Württemberg, be considered as a marriage contract with Germany which I left in 2015 for Brittany.

And certainly not a blank check for my child's entire schooling.

Disastrous schooling to date with no chance of improvement in his current environment. The school reports provided to the court unfortunately speak for themselves, even if the child is only partly responsible for this failure.

The details of this case can be found in this article published last September:

"The flapping of Mrs Merkel's wings and the butterfly effect of her decisions".

As you can read, I also wanted, with the help of this professional network, to put the theory of the six handshakes - or six degrees of separation - to the test and send this previous post to Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Emmanuel Macron and the Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer.

But, as you may have already guessed, there has been no response for two months. Except, and this deserves to be underlined, a standard answer from theNational Education services to inform me that: " the minister has received my letter, that he is very attentive and wishes to know the name of my child, and the place of his schooling ". Then ... nothing more.

Radio silence in French, and even in... Breton, from the President of Brittany - Loic Chesnais-Girard-or from his predecessor, now Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs -Jean-Yves le Drian-.

Is there a lack of activity in the administrative services as a whole? Bargaining by political representatives?

Germany, which is always held up as an example to follow, promptly sentenced me to a €1,200 fine or 30 days in prison for having made this photo-montage of my son as a political prisoner, in order to impose its own normative vision of education.

This montage was sent privately to four people, including the child's mother. This montage, now blurred with flags, was however only the illustrated epilogue of a judgement similar to thousands of other judgements against non-German parents or parents not residing on German soil ; namely a political decision.

Refusing the automaticity of this conviction, I argued in recusal of this " Strafbefehl ", that this article was undoubtedly of very high political added value; since it was consulted on this network by two members of the French political staff (ministers), 6 members of NATO, 12 military officers, 6 people from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, 4 members of the United Nations Human Rights Council, 5 people from the European Press Federation and, above all, a great many titles from the regional and national press, as well as dozens of journalists, academics, lawyers, and also writers, authors and actors, some of whom re-shared it on other social networks.

In short, that it aroused a priori a -political- interest for many readers who were able to walk through the 16 years of power of Chancellor Merkel, sometimes, not to say very often, coming across some very unsavoury characters and companies.

 As for the light shed on the Chancellor's boorish manners in dealing with her partners, we can only oppose her with the irrefutable " Contra factum non datur argumentum ".

If the fall of this sentence is in Latin, it is to better return to the main subject of this post; the education of my son in Brittany. Because on November 15th, our Minister of Education has just declared that he wants to reinforce the learning of Greek and Latin.

This is a very commendable intention which has my full support.

But like that other "Great National Cause": reading, decreed for 2021 and 2022 by President Emmanuel Macron; my son will be deprived of it following a political decision by the German justice system handed down in July 2021."

As Chancellor Merkel has not yet replied, I deduce that she must be very busy coaching her successor in order to perpetuate, if not to immortalise, this famous German oxymoron of " Renewal in continuity ", so that all European countries continue to liberally sprinkle this magic potion on all their political and economic programmes - so that everything changes in order for nothing to change - and so that Germany remains master of the game and at the centre of it. So we have to introduce this successor; Olaf Scholz.

Although leader of a "rival" party, the SPD, he was already Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Finance since 2018 and still made most of the headlines in the German press alongside the Chancellor, reporting on the scandals of recent years: Wirecard, Cum-Ex, non-transmission of money laundering files to the financial crime units , HSH-Nordbank etc.

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Süddeutsche.Merkel "naive" and Scholtz responsible.

Deutsche Welle.Wirecard: "Scholz inactive, Merkel naive".

HSH -Nordbank. Wiwo.

 He was described as " the epitome of boredom in politicsHe was described by Stern magazine as "the epitome of boredom in politics", so he would seem to have all the necessary qualities to be the worthy heir of our dear Mutti, who is already, as you know, on her way out.

What's more, Olaf Scholz seems to be under the protection of the famous Teflon effect, thanks to which all the scandals mentioned above slipped through his fingers without affecting his image or that of his mentor, who also taught him to make hearts with his hands in front of the television cameras in order to reassure the Germans, who are, deep down, nothing but big children ready to believe in everything, anything and even anyone, if that anyone wears a badge of authority.

As we will demonstrate once again, in order to warn against this jobardry of the German population, for which we indirectly pay the political or economic price at regular intervals, (Siemens in 2006, "Greek crisis" in 2008, ecological bonuses for VW in 2015 etc., regarding the most recent and least bloody past).

The Wirecard affair, which was already discussed in this article from 2020, "Dying for Deutsche Bank?", is a concentrated piece of German history from the last hundred years.

"Dying for Deutsche Bank?".

A leader who promised the moon for a long time to come, the connivance of the biggest auditing firms EY and KPGM, the unscrupulous banks, the whistleblowers - journalists at the Financial Times - who are being sued by the German stock exchange regulator(BaFin) for defamation following their revelations of the fraud.

 The same stock exchange supervisor whose employees speculated ardently on the Wirecard share - certainly also without their knowledge, since it was in their private capacity -, This is the same stock exchange supervisor whose employees were speculating on Wirecard shares - certainly without their knowledge, since it was in their private capacity - under the authority of the Ministry of Finance and therefore of Mr Scholz, who never gave the Chancellor (who is known to be cautious, not very lending and a physicist to boot) the slightest warning before she went to write the article for this new German miracle, which will symbolise high-tech Germany to the Chinese in 2019.

Arte: "The financial scandal that shook Germany - Wirecard "

Although the Bundestag agency classified the audit report by EY (Ernst & Young) as secret because it 'contained business and commercial secrets'. A week ago, the business newspaper Handelsblatt published 168 pages of this secret report.

 "Man is good, but the calf is better". Bertolt Brecht.

20 billion € went up in smoke in June with Wirecard, 30 billion € of water damage in July in Rhineland-Palatinate, 30 billion € for VW since the beginning of the "Dieselgate" - and it is not finished yet.

Even the creation in July 2019 of a "bad bank", which was christened, not without some humour, " Capital Release Unit ", perhaps in the hope of enticing some German customer who is still stunned by his Wirecard investments, which will have melted by 92%, but who would be ready, in order to make up for it, to bet his last Pfennigs that this start-up would not have swindled him, on an establishment considered to be a fusion reactor in the heart of Europe by its competitors; Deutsche Bank.

What is the value today, at the end of 2021, of these €288 billion of assets that were housed in this garbage bank, whose real value was estimated at €74 billion, estimated at the end of 2019 BC (Before Covid)?

This is the same Deutsche Bank that was sued by German investors in 2009, - hang on to your hats - not to denounce to the public a macabre investment product that this bank had put on the market, but to complain in court about its lack of profitability.

" Salvation Board " or " Hidden Jewel " are some of the names of these American companies that "sell" your life insurance to foreign investors who bet on how long you have left to live and pocket the money when you die. Unless ... you live too long.

German citizens angry that the promised 7.5% return was slipping away from them accused Deutsche Bank of only offering them as an " investment " people whose life expectancy was more than 10 years and not four years as promised when the contracts were taken out.

How many of these duped German traders must miss the good old days when, in order to get rich quickly, it was enough to feed their pigs with the bodies of Hereros or Namas who had just been stripped of their land, Namibia, where the first genocide was committed in 1904 - and recognised as such by Germany - in May 2021.

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Namibia in 1904; the genocide of the heroes

Never mind, it was a long time ago; a little over a hundred years.

Then there was the genocide of the Armenians between 1915 and 1917, (1.5 million men, women and children massacred by the Turks, under German management) as denounced by President Joachim Gauck in 2015 during a speech, evoking ' co-responsibility and even potentially German complicity '. A factual denunciation, hidden for so many years.

1933-1945. To cut a long story short, anything that wasn't Nazi ran the risk of a " Vernichtungsbefehl" . Extermination order.

The reader may rest assured that I have only received - for the time being - a "Strafbefehl". Strafbefehl ".

" Befehl ist Befehl ", as we like to repeat across the Rhine, so let's get back to the order of things and look at the disorder that seems to reign on the border between Poland and Belarus.

Most of the migrants at this border are Iraqi Kurds, many of whom have sold everything in the hope of reaching this Europe, which is still at peace and is seen as a haven of prosperity for those who have had nothing for a very long time.

For some Iraqi Kurds, this nothing comes from nowhere. Let's go back in time together:

If Saddam Hussein no longer had weapons of mass destruction in 2003, as the USA claimed, to start a war against his country, he would have had to have been the one who gassed the Kurdish population of Halabja in 1988. He did gas the Kurdish population of Halabja in 1988 (5,000 dead, mainly women and children killed on the spot, and 7,000 to 10,000 wounded with serious after-effects or who would die a few years later).

The French-German Democratic Agreement was in full swing since 3 French companies(De Dietrich, Carbonne Lorraine and Protec SA), and the German companies Karl Kolb and Imhausen-Chemie are cited in an investigation file opened in 2013 in Paris following a complaint by some twenty Kurdish survivors. These companies, the main partners of the Samarra site which produced nerve gas for the Iraqi regime, were not aware of the destination or use of the technology delivered to Iraq. Apart from Halabja, several localities were gassed; a dozen towns and 2,000 villages were destroyed; and nearly 180,000 Kurdish civilians were killed.

Other companies in European democratic countries also appear to be involved, including Switzerland, the Netherlands and Spain.

" In 1984when his armies started using gas against the Iranians, nobody said anythingrecalls François Heisbourg , a specialist in strategic issues and former adviser to the French Ministry of Defense. 

The United States even provided him with satellite information. " We all sat on international conventions.

That the inhumanity of Belarusian or Turkish dictators is denounced by our countries when they carry out "hybrid attacks" against our "democracies" using migrants or war refugees, including women and children, is fine.

 But some of these democracies should perhaps play a little more pianissimotheir interpretation of " international conventions ".

When Saddam Hussein was a friend of our democracies, he had about 60 to 80 German companiesin his employ.

These include MBB, Daimler-Benz, Preussag, MAN, Degussa, Hochtief, Siemens, Gildemeister - as well as many small and medium-sized companies whose names mean nothing to the general public, such as Fritz Werner, Karl Kolb, H&H Metalform, Rhein-Bayer and others. 

And a dozen French companies, including Aerospatiale, Matra Espace and the Franco-GermanEuromissile .

Not to mention Chinese, Soviet, Brazilian, Italian and Austrian companies.

 At the same time, according to the Swedish institute SIPRI, 29 countries were supplying Iran with war material.

Decrypting arms sales Iran, Iraq.

These companies, which are working to defend or regain the blue line of the balance of trade surplus, have overlooked - just like the investors at Wirecard - the fact that the relentless policy of " Profit über Alles " always has many hidden costs - even among the bribes - which are always in danger of re-emerging, sometimes after many years.

The Iraqi Kurds are part of it, as are desertification, misery, floods, pollution and fires, which do not come from nowhere, but will drive some 250 million peopleinto exile in the next 25 years.

In 2020, 30 million people have already fled the consequences of climate change. 82 million others, more than half of whom are children, are trying to escape from wars, conflicts and persecution.

Those who have provided them with the means to bomb them, gas them, or come to them to pollute their soils, their rivers and deform their living spaces, when it is not to deprive them of all their fishing resources to feed our pigs and chickens with fishmeal, our aquaculture fish, Those responsible for all of this have only containment as a response and the best steel fences and the sharpest speeches to reassure and protect their own frightened populations.

Fishermen who, as in Senegal, have to flee as migrants to the Canary Islands because of the raids by Turkish, Chinese or Korean boats that have come to raid all the resources of their fishing grounds, would prefer to continue fishing and stay at home.

Just like in Somalia, where at the end of the 2000s, when European or Asian fishing fleets were shamelessly plundering Somali waters, they forced local fishermen to change their professional orientation and train as pirates. Not without some success...

Until the return...of a Western armada to protect the illegal factory ships that are depleting fish stocks, aggravating the food insecurity of the entire region. And thus encouraging new population displacements.

Of the ustensility of beings, first and foremost the children on German soil.

At the Polish border, 13 people died of hunger or cold, including a one-year-old child. An exclusion zone has been set up, so that hundreds of humanitarian workers and doctors, and even journalists, cannot go there to provide aid or testify.

"In this " exclusion zone ", where pushback is practised, a term that has no legal definition and for good reason, according to Gillian Triggs, Deputy High Commissioner of the United Nations, this practice is highly illegal.

All the European television channels, anxious to reassure the population, had served us, not long ago, numerous reports on the " Hotspots ", these sorting places for refugees on the Greek islands. One of them is the new camp of Moria.

Do not miss this video, with English subtitles, by the German journalist Jan Böhmermann, who sets the clock back in this sequence - the new camp in Moria - and the EU's nagging incantation of this " respect for international conventions ", while postponing its application in the European space but also, as detailed in this post, in all the geographical zones where the mystique of " Profit über Alles " will have force of law over individuals who are now reified.

"Whoever saves one life saves the whole universe

This apophthegm, claimed by the three religions of the Book, deserves to be put to the test on this network today to save two children.

One at the Polish border who is not known, but who could be my son's age, 12, and would be an Iraqi Kurd, wanting to settle in Germany as many refugee messages seem to indicate.

Throughout this post, I have detailed in part the economic situation in which German citizens are struggling; between money going up in smoke -Wirecard- and water damage -floods in Rhineland-Palatinate-, not forgetting that dear Deutsche Bank, which, master of opacity, should have some new surprises in store for the taxpayer before long.

I have refrained from adding Lufthansa, Commerzbank and others to the list so as not to despair the new government in formation.

In short, I want to take the best possible care of the German taxpayer with my proposal.

Who would have the audacity to suggest that German justice and the Jugendamt are holding children on German soil for political or economic reasons? No one would.

As proof, I have just been sentenced to a €1,200 fine or 30 days in prison for making this extravagant assumption.

The thousands of identical judgements against European divorced parents who do not live in Germany only mention the so-called " Kindeswohl " - the welfare of the child - as the only reason for their decision.

All parents know that a child has an economic cost, no matter how it is brought up - " Zucht und Ordnung " - order and discipline, Zucht also meaning breeding in German, or by means of a democratic education.

On the assumption that freeing an Iraqi Kurdish child from the Polish and Belarusian swamps, where temperatures are currently freezing and deadly at night, would be, in the framework of parallel diplomacy for Germany, France and the author of these lines :

  •  The minimum that France and Germany should do in memory of the profits their companies made from the murder of 5,000 women and children gassed in Halabja in 1988, who died instantly.

Technology put at the service of a dictator, but a friend of our countries, and even of the United States for many years as long as he remained a purchaser of our technologies, which, let's remember, once again, wiped out some 200,000 Iraqi Kurds in 1988 alone. 

" When 'our' friend Saddam gassed his Kurds". Le Monde Diplomatique.

  •      The cost for Germany will be zero, because as soon as the Iraqi Kurdish child is freed from the "European exclusion zone", and in order not to burden the German nation's budget, Mrs Merkel, who is still in charge of current affairs, will just have to initial the German exit form for my French son so that he can go to school with me in Brittany And make up for lost time.
  • As for France, it cannot do less than Germany and must also offer asylum to another Iraqi Kurdish child. It was French Mirages, but also Soviet Migs, that bombed the town ofHalabja with mustard gas.

Our" friends " at the time used language less chastened than that ofAlexander Lukashenko or Vladimir Putin, for one of them Ali Hassan Al Majid - cousin of Saddam Husseinand nicknamed Ali the Chemical - publicly proclaimed: " I'm going to kill them all with chemical weapons! Who will say anything? The international community? Fuck them! "

Let's help this international community, but above all this European "community" to begin with to stand firm in its doctrinal boots by sharing this proposal with as many people and organizations as possible - national education, foreign affairs, justice, etc. in France and Germany - via e-mail or social networks.

If we succeed, this will give back some appetite for public or political affairs to our fellow citizens who, disgusted by our politicians for a very long time already, seem to be victims of a kind of political "agueusia" which risks jeopardising the health of the whole country.

Any idea or lead to accelerate the circulation of this proposal to shelter two or more Iraqi Kurdish children from the Belarusian cold, and to allow another French-Breton-Mallorquin child to emancipate himself from political choices that enslave him to speak and understand only German, will be welcome. I thank you for your support. 

Child hostages

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