PFAS: French children overexposed under duress by Germany. Repatriation.

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  "This problem has been pressing for ...50 years".

 This was the statement made by Frédéric Petit, MEP and representative of the French in Germany, on January 25 before the European Foreign Affairs Committee, in the presence of the German ambassador to France, Hans-Dieter Lucas.

 In addition to this problem, which has been pressing for 50 years, we are now endangering the health and lives of minors overexposed to PFAS levels responsible for irreversible cancers.

It's the " legalized theft " of French or binational children by family courts and the Jugendamt, who, in the name of " child welfare ", condemn them to forced residence in Germany for the sole economic benefit of this country, which needs 400,000 new entrants a year to keep its industry running and pay its pensions.

 Denounced as a "hold-up" and "a law of the jungle" in 1998 by Jacques Chirac, whose spokesperson was Catherine Colonna, now Minister of Foreign Affairs, this practice is destroying tens of thousands of families in every European country, and ruining or driving to suicide parents or grandparents who very often never see their children or grandchildren again.

 Despite the European Parliament's non-binding resolution 2018/2856, Germany under Angela Merkel's presidency increased child abductions threefold. Her deputy minister was Olaf Scholz, and Ursula von der Leyen was Family Minister from 2005 to 2009, just like Angela Merkel in the 1990s.
In addition to the forced Germanization of these children through the organized severance of contact with the aggrieved parent, and the obligation under pain of fines or imprisonment to speak exclusively German with their child, if they have been able to obtain a meagre supervised visitation right of two hours a week or a month, there is now the their health, their future and even their lives through the their health, their future and even their lives, as they are exposed - under the duress of unfair or falsified judgments - to a whole range of cancers and other disabling diseases.

Parents, fed up with German impunity, with our political representatives' subservience to Germany in the face of a problem that has been pressing for... 50 years, and with the urgent need to protect our children's health from irreversible diseases, we have taken the following decision:

Criminal and civil claims filed against: Germany.

For deliberate endangerment through-Forced Residency-of non-German minors, by family courts and the German Jugendamt; through exposure to lethal levels of PFAS (eternal pollutants) ; to profit from their future workforce.

Filing of criminal and civil claims against : France.

For non-assistance to French minors, on the part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Health, the Prime Minister and the Presidency of the French Republic, by failing to apply the only precautionary principle that would prevail today in view of the existing scientific literature on PFAS: the immediate repatriation of children overexposed in Germany in order to protect their present and future health.

 The European survey just published on February 23 by the continent's leading newspapers (Le Monde, The Guardian, Süddeutsche Zeitung and 14 other partners) is unequivocal, documenting precisely the risks incurred by ongoing exposure to PFASs (per- and polyfluoroalkylates) found in tap water, air and food.

The accumulation of these contaminants in tissues is responsible for numerous cancers (liver, brain, thyroid, kidneys, testicles, etc.). The problem of PFAS came to light at the end of the 1990s in the USA and Canada, and the danger thresholds have since been drastically lowered.

In Germany today, this 4ng/l threshold is far exceeded by 50% of the population.

Germany is Europe's leading PFAS producer.

Bayer, Basf and VCI (the German chemical industry) oppose a ban on the 4,700 PFAS listed. But even more seriously, for the health and future of our children condemned to "Forced Residency" in this country;

" The true extent of PFAS contamination in Germany may only become apparent in many years' time." Tageschau 27/02/2023.

This is because Germany has not imposed any controls to date. In some cities, levels well in excess of 4ng/l have been recorded by scientists taking part in this European study:

 Hamburg: 21 to 4500ng/l. Berlin: 17 to 25 ng/l. Baden-Baden: 1641 ng/l. Duisburg : 107 ng/l. Bremen : 18 to 20,000ng/l. Ingolstadt : 36,500 ng/l. Stuttgart : 23 to 245 ng/l. Frankfurt: 47 to 296 ng/l. Cologne: 12 to 25,000 ng/l.
PFAS map of Europe.

Deliberately endangering the person of another person can also constitute an offence, even when no damage has been caused, under article 223-1 of the French Penal Code.

This European survey is only the tip of the chemical time bomb that will be added to the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by air pollution in Europe every year.

Here too, Germany accounts for almost 25% of the EU's "official" CO2 emissions, to which must be added all those that were concealed and disseminated throughout the continent for years with the "Dieselgate" - corruption of pollution control systems - adopted by all German car manufacturers.

Germany and its 16 Jugendamt must therefore be forced to immediately release all French or binational children condemned by unfair or fraudulent judgments to Forced Residence in this country; by invalidating all court decisions handed down under the Merkel era and up to the present day, against non-German parents with the sole aim of seizing their children and their future workforce.      

Their health and lives are at stake:

  • PFAS are present in water, air and food.
  • They accumulate in the body and are not eliminated.
  • Soil decontamination is virtually impossible (complexity and cost).
  • Germany, the main producer of these eternal pollutants, will not change its legislation for years to come (due to the political influence of the chemical industry and the recurrence of industrial deception).
  • The various cancers developed by exposure to these PFAS offer an average of five years of " life " after their discovery.

           To see our children alive and well again, support our fight to demand immediate repatriation.

     From "Forced Residency" to "Forced Contamination" through overexposure to PFAS in Germany.

                                               Article 1 of the Nuremberg Code states:

  1. "The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.. This means that the person concerned must have the legal capacity to consent; that he or she must be placed in a position to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, coercion, trickery, deception or other underhand forms of constraint or coercion; and that he or she must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of what is involved, so as to enable him or her to make an informed decision. " ( ..)

As a reminder , in 2013, it was Germany, through its Chancellor Angela Merkel, that scuppered at the last minute the agreements ready to be signed by all the environment ministers of the European Union member states on reducing CO2 emissions from automobiles - to 95 grams per kilometer - which had been scheduled for 2020, but was postponed until 2024.

How many hundreds of thousands more people have died since then from air pollution all over Europe?

Let's invoke the precautionary principle, so that the French state forces the German state to respect the free movement of European citizens.

"The precautionary principle was introduced into French law by the Barnier Act of February 2, 1995, on strengthening environmental protection. This principle has had constitutional status since March 2005. On October 3, 2008, the Conseil d'État ruled that all the rights enshrined in the Charter of the Environment were legally binding. The precautionary principle is binding on public authorities. It obliges them to develop internal forecasting and assessment procedures in an attempt to prevent major risks that could lead to them being held liable. "

If you also believe that children are not a commodity or an economic or political adjustment variable, and that as French nationals they should be protected by the authorities of their own country, then;

Help us spread the word by signing this petition, sharing it and supporting it economically to defend this right of every European citizen, which only one country does not respect: Germany. To sign and share.

" The free movement of people allows European citizens to move, settle, work and study in any other European Union country.

We'll be publicizing this fight through this petition, on social networks and in the press.

This work will be carried out by the parents and their relations, who are keen to see it through to a swift conclusion.

But we also need everyone's support to take legal action against the German and French governments. Tens of thousands of euros will be needed to bring these cases to court.

For parents, already ruined by numerous legal actions to try and get their children back without having to resort to "kidnapping", they can't fight this battle without your help.

A fund has been set up on Leetchi to support this fight economically.

Your help can be €5, €20, €50 or more, but it's above all the number of times you share this petition, encouraging your contacts to sign it and support it financially that will make it happen.

Click on the links below to find out more:

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2/ The fatal risks of overexposure to PFAS. Scientific articles, production sites, maps...

It will no longer be possible to say we didn't know.

  "The verb to resist must always be conjugated in the present tense" Lucie Aubrac.

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         If you only have two minutes: Soir 3 news.

Abduction of children from a married couple (father a French doctor), without any court decision, for having wished to move a few kilometers away but ... in France. Nothing has changed since then.

You would like to talk about the origins of this predatory policy. 

"The flapping of Mrs Merkel's wings, and the butterfly effect of her decisions". Summary of this "Forced Residence" for my child.

Resolution 2018/2856 of the European Parliament. Since this non-binding resolution, kidnappings have accelerated.

Falsification of the child's wishes. Kidnapping manual.

The German Jugendamt and the relocation of "difficult children" to low-cost countries (Romania, Greece, Portugal, Kyrgyzstan).

Deciphering this predatory German policy at the European Parliament and a report from American television.

  • Overexposure to PFAS and irreversible cancers.

"Eternal pollutants": explore Europe's map of PFAS contamination

"Dark Waters" tells the story of a little-known global contamination.

A long battle that began in 1998 and lasted almost 20 years, during which Robert Billot relentlessly investigated to uncover the truth about PFAS.

Eternal pollution at PFAS: "The battle will be fierce, but companies must pay", interview with lawyer Robert Bilott.

German television channel "Das Erste". Report on PFAS and pollution map.,pfas104.html

France 3 régions' rigorous investigation of PFAS pollution south of Lyon.

50% of Germany is the Feyzin valley south of Lyon in terms of PFAS pollution (soil, water, air).

Up to eight times more PFAS in Lake Constance than permitted. In 2021, a value of 20.3 micrograms of PFAS per liter was found in the sediments of this lake. The European limit for drinking water is 0.1 microgram.

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