What is legal is not necessarily legitimate.

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To end a silent war waged by Germany against all its neighbours.

Addressed to: Emmanuel Macron, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Catherine Colonna, EUFP, European Parliament, Olaf Scholz, Lisa Paus, Marco Buschmann, Angela Merkel.

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This silent war has been waged by Germany for decades to repopulate itself at the expense of ALL its neighbours and EU "partners" by appropriating their children.

Economic, political and cultural, this war is largely ignored by European citizens.

The European Parliament adopted by 580 votes to 18 with 36 abstentions in 2018 a resolution condemning this German practice to compensate for its denatality (needing 400,000 new entrants per year to keep its industry running and pay the pensions of its senior citizens). But nothing changes. Germany only respects its own law.

 Already in 1998 in Potsdam, Jacques Chirac denounced this predatory policy by describing it as a " hold-up " and " law of the jungle ".

What is this law of the jungle?

German courtsalways rule in favour of the parent who resides in Germany (whether he or she is male or female, whether he or she is beneficial or detrimental to the child, whatever his or her nationality and child-rearing abilities).

The best interest of the child - but above all the best interest of Germany -is that the child remains on German soil. 

On the day of his re-election, Emmanuel Macron solemnly declared - surrounded by children - that "child protection would be the priority of this five-year term"

Thousands of French children condemned to be Germanised, as well as aggrieved parents, have taken note of his statement and expect strong action immediately to resolve this problem which is, let us recall once again, an economic, political and cultural problem.

This will only be resolved politically, not through ruinous and usually unsuccessful appeals by single parents who have been robbed of their children in German courts. Family courts that are subordinated to the Jugendamt, which is not subject to any supervisory body.

Germany, which is giving lessons, must take responsibility for the doctrinal choices it imposed on German women in the past: " Kinder, Küche, Kirche" (children, kitchen, church), and the economic under-investment in structures (crèches, day-care centres, schools) which prevailed until the end of the 1980s.

The shortage of children between 1965 and 1975 led mechanically from 1995 onwards to a decrease in the number of women of childbearing age and thus to a fall in the birth rate which will continue until 2016.

This was compensated during these decades by the appropriation of tens of thousands of non-German children from its European neighbours by means of Forced Residence on German soil.

Divorced, married or simply having lived and educated their children for some time on German soil, anyone can be cheated and sometimes even struck off the civil register as a parent.

 The year is 2022.

What is legal is not necessarily legitimate.

Germany's past should have taught this to all our political representatives. They abandon without a fight a transparent cause, and ipso facto assign France to the first -inglorious- place of surrogate mother for Germany, closely followed by Poland and Italy.

This war is ruining and killing relatives in silence.

This war has already imprisoned many recalcitrant parents.

This war despoils the heritage of parents deprived of their children.

This war produces thousands of orphans in all European countries. Orphans of a parent who is still alive.

The French Presidency of the EU will end on 30 June 2022.

We demand from the EUFP that these 7 points be implemented immediately:

1/ Immediate annulment of all judgements pronounced by German family courts under the Merkel era which have harmed the non-German or non-resident parent in that country.

2/ Immediate repatriation of all children whose aggrieved parents wish to return to France or elsewhere.

3/ Establishment of an independent and transnational commission that will report on the adaptation of these children outside Germany after 4 years. This report will be made public and the children will be monitored every three months after their return. The members of this commission will come from the 26 EU countries affected by Germany.

4/ Economic compensation by Germany for all parents who are victims of baillon procedures or who have gone to the expense of having recourse to the courts to assert a simple right, even though it is enshrined in European law.

" Any EU citizen and his or her family members can move to another EU country to travel , studywork and even reside ".

5 / Immediate invalidation of all fraudulent acts carried out by Germany to Germanise French or bi-national children by removing one of the parents from the civil status or by falsifying documents. Financial compensation for such identity theft.

6/ Visiting rights of the German parent or parent residing on German soil will be granted for the welfare of the child. Contrary to the usual practice of the Jugendamt and the German justice system, which do everything to break the link of the injured parent with his or her child, to Germanise him or her more quickly.

7/Information booklet in the 24 official EU languages distributed to all newcomers who come to study or work in Germany.

 To warn them against the practice of the Jugendamt. A translation into Ukrainian and Russian of this warning would be desirable to protect the hundreds of thousands of women and their children who are refugees in this country, as they are likely to be the next victims of this policy of cheap repopulation.

Signing and sharing this petition will strengthen democracy and equality in Europe:

- There cannot be two categories of citizens: Germans and others.

- Germany is the only European country unanimously condemned for this predatory practice against its neighbours.

- To sign this petition is to indirectly defend your own economic and political interests, given Germany's dominant position in all European institutions.

Fameux compromis de Cambridge ; si := min {b + [pi/d], M}. 

- Signing this petition is at the same time paying homage to all the Manoukian, Jean Moulin and other resistance fighters and combatants of all armies and civilian victims who will not have shed their blood in vain; because today the French children condemned to this Forced Residence are also condemned to speak exclusively German with their parents during supervised visits

- The Jugendamt will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year. Help us to spoil this anniversary.

For this organisation was never prosecuted after the war for the abduction of 200,000 to 300,000 Polish children (with the help of nuns and the Gestapo). Children who had lost the use of their mother tongue after being Germanised, given German identity papers and never found after the end of the war. 

In 2022, the same Jugendamt 'relocates' 'difficult children', sometimes as young as 11, to clandestine facilities in Greece or elsewhere.

If you also consider that the child is not a commodity or an economic or political adjustment variable, and that he or she, as a French national, must be protected by the authorities of his or her country, then ;

                       Please help us make this known by signing this petition.

The Czech Republic will take over the Presidency of the EU Commission on1 July.

Without concrete action from France, we will submit this proposal to them...

Links :

- European Parliament resolution.FR & EN.

 Genesis of this predatory German policy.

Article: "The flapping of Mrs Merkel's wings and the butterfly effect of her decisions".

Condemnation of recalcitrant parents:

Article: "Strafbefehl" €1,200 fine or 30 days in prison for political opinion.

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