Call to a citizen and courageous action for our 577 deputies, 348 senators, 34 955 mayors; to regain sovereignty vis-à-vis Germany.

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Looking for parliamentarians !

Of all political persuasions.

The deliberately provocative use of the adjective "", in connection with an elective office, should only be understood as "audacious".

For audacity, throughout the history of our country, has never been the prerogative of a single genre.

However, the antonym of "" was unfortunately too often over-represented on the benches of our National Assembly, even in the most tragic moments of our history.

As in October 1938, when only 75 deputies out of 535 in the National Assembly opposed the betrayal and abandonment of an allied state, Czechoslovakia, which was "sold like a slave".

In spite of Henri de Kerillis' clear-sightedness and warnings about the mortal dangers of signing the "Munich Agreement" to have peace:

 "Do not hope! Germany is insatiable before the weak; Germany is ruthless to the weak; Germany respects only the strong and we have just shown her that we are not!"

All our parliamentarians, however, had been able to observe at leisure the programs implemented during 6 years by Germany(banning of trade unions and political parties in 1933 and opening of the first concentration camps to lock up opponents, Nuremberg laws in 1935 to dispossess German Jews of their German nationality and to plunder them, remilitarization in 1936 of the Rhineland, unconditional support in material and soldiers (15,000) to the Francoist putschists, bombing of Guernica and machine-gunning by the German air force of 5,000 women, children and old people on the " Carretera de la muerte " in Malaga in 1937, then " Der Vierjahresplan " "the 4-year plan" to prepare for the world war, and finally the "Anschluss" in March 1938 of Austria; This bundle of cumulative clues was not enough for our French parliamentarians to deduce that Germany would not stop at the Sudetenland and would invade all of Czechoslovakia after the signing of the Munich Agreement in September 1938, and then the whole of Europe.

Historical rigor requires us to emphasize that in 1938, there were only men in the National Assembly, and that the Minister of Foreign Affairs -Georges Bonnet- worked for appeasement with Germany, that he was a supporter of the "Munich Agreement", and signed a non-aggression pledge with Ribbentrop in December of the same year, before refusing the war and committing himself to the collaboration with Marshal Pétain.

                                               October 2022.    

A silent war has been waged by Germany for decades to repopulate itself at the expense of ALL its neighbors and "partners" in the EU by appropriating their children by means of iniquitous and unappealable judgments, coercion, and blackmail.

Economic, political and cultural, this war is largely ignored by European citizens.

The European Parliament passed a resolution by 580 votes for, 18 against and 36 abstentions in 2018 condemning this German practice to compensate for its denatality (needing 400,000 new entrants per year to keep its industry running and pay the pensions of its senior citizens). But nothing changes. Germany only respects its own law.

Already in 1998 in Potsdam, Jacques Chirac denounced this predatory policy, calling it a "hold-up" and "the law of the jungle"

What is this law of the jungle?

German courts always rule in favor of the parent who resides in Germany(regardless of whether he or she is a man or a woman, whether he or she is beneficial or harmful to the child, regardless of his or her nationality and his or her ability to educate).

The best interests of the child", - but above all "the best interests of Germany". - is that the child remains on German soil. 

Divorced, married or having simply resided and educated their children for some time on German soil, anyone can find themselves deprived of them, and sometimes even erased from the civil status as a parent.

 The year is 2022.

Germany's past should have taught all our political representatives that what is legal is not necessarily legitimate.

 Also, when they abandon without fighting this transparent cause -by sheltering behind the reassuring scheme of an independent justice rendered in a sovereign state; and assign ipso facto France to this first -unglorious- place on the podium of forced surrogate mothers by Germany, followed very closely by Poland and Italy; they play against the interests of their country and their fellow citizens. Because...

- This war ruins and kills relatives in silence.

- This war has already imprisoned many recalcitrant parents.

- This war despoils the heritage of parents deprived of their children.

- This war produced thousands of orphans in all European countries.

- Orphans of one of their parents who is still alive.

- This war manufactures de facto future Germans.

The Germanization of the children is carried out at a forced pace (rupture of the links with the other parent and criminalization of the latter through gagging procedures).

In spite of Jacques Chirac's declaration in 1998 (spokesperson for the presidency at that time- Catherine Colonna), hundreds of files for France alone at the European Parliament's Committee on Petitions, numerous cases covered by the media, questioning of deputies at the National Assembly or the European Parliament; the few results obtained to date remind us of Henri de Kerillis' declarations in October 1938, which echo those of one of our most illustrious writers and poets:

"There comes a time when protesting is no longer enough: after philosophy, action is needed".. Victor Hugo

Today, the cannon is firing in Europe and may soon be rumbling in Germany.

Pollution in this country will increase drastically with the reopening of coal plants.

�There is ashortage of about 40,000 teachers and 384,000 nursery places. Classes had already closed 28 weeks compared to 10 in France during the confinements, and further similar measures are not ruled out by the authorities.

Identity clashes will increase (Russians-Ukrainians, Kurds-Turks, refugees-Germans).

� Acold winter will lead to energy supply disruptions.

Deep disagreements are emerging within the governing coalition, as well as within its constituent parties.

� Theinept and deadly handling of the latest climatic disaster in this country (floods in Rhineland-Palatinate in July 2021) that led to the resignation of three ministers from this region, is not made to reassure parents whose children are condemned to Forced Residency in Germany in case of missile rain on this country.

� Themany scandals revealed by the German press involving the Jugendamt, the family courts and the police (slavery, torture, medical experiments, children entrusted and paid by the Jugendamt to already convicted sexual predators, or even rented out or sold to pedophiles by Catholic nuns, as well as the relocation of "difficult children" to structures escaping all control in low-cost countries (Greece, Romania, Kyrgyzstan, Portugal, etc. .) should have already forced the French Foreign Ministry and the French Presidency to systematically refuse to allow all French children to reside in Germany, when we know that the "best interest of the child" only serves to conceal the " best interest of Germany".

�Ifin October 1938, parliamentarians had 6 years to judge the dangerousness of Germany, in October 2022 it has been several decades since parents have been fighting alone with slingshots against a division of panzers under the eyes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the entire political class, which cannot ignore what is happening in our neighbor across the Rhine.

The Germans have been burning the bucolic wedding photos of the "Franco-German couple" for a few decades now.

The too many industrial collaborations scuttled by our "partners" should no longer leave any doubt about Germany's hegemonic will (Galileo, SCAF, Schwerin Agreements, etc.).

Hegemony, illustrated again quite recently during the traditional Franco-German economic meetings in Evian on September 1, during which Olaf Scholz spoke only about Germany in the presence of Emmanuel Macron and the bosses of the CAC 40.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz, in his speech in Prague on August 29, did not mention France as a potential partner for building the ESS (European air defence shield).

The association - under German governance -of 14 NATO member countries, signed on 13 October for the joint acquisition of anti-missile equipment, essentially favours a German and an American company.

France and Italy, the EU's second and third largest economies and demographic powers, were deliberately left out of the equation - because they have the only competitive and effective offer (developed jointly by these two countries) for medium- and long-range anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems in Europe.

"Germany only respects the strong or keeps them out of "European" projects, if they might impede the profit margin of these to Berlin.

This digression on the various German "skulduggery" when it comes to industrial cooperation is only intended to bring us back to the economic, political and cultural crime that has been perpetrated for decades against the weakest; French or bi-national children and their non-German parents (divorced or not), in order to maintain the hegemony of this country over Europe, and to appropriate the assets of the parents who have been robbed of their children.

Children that they will never see again for most of them.

"He who holds the youth masters the future!"

All the more so when one can appropriate the youth of one's neighbors and partners at a lower cost. The physical and psychological endangerment of all French children sentenced to forced residence in Germany is a proven fact that has been reported abundantly in the French and European press(550,000 non-German European children have been Germanized over the past 10 years).

Germany also kidnaps children of married couples if they want to move ... to France. Evening 3.

But today, new threats are hovering over these children that will be superimposed on the dangers already known to the French authorities.

Also, in the face of these threats (aggravated pollution, identity clashes, school closures, probable energy and food shortages, demonstrated incompetence of the authorities in the event of a climatic catastrophe), it is appropriate today to be very seriously concerned about the fact that Germany is the country which is in the front line in the event of a foreseeable extension of the current conflict.

Our children should not be the future collateral victims of a geopolitical confrontation, because of an iniquitous family court ruling that condemns them to reside in this country.

War situations make it even more difficult to locate and repatriate children.

                                Faced with the urgency of this situation.

We, parents robbed of our children by Germany, and parents' associations who for many years have provided all the evidence to the authorities of our country to incite them to stand up against this political, economic and cultural predation carried out against the interests of the nation, have decided to appeal to the :

- 577 MPs and MNAs

- 348 Senators

- 34,955 mayors

So that in groups of 8 to 10, wearing their tricolored scarves, they go to the schools in Germany where our children go to school as well as to the home of the other parent who is favored and manipulated by this country, to repatriate the children by guaranteeing the right of visit in France for the other party.

At the same time, they will hand over to the German authorities, who will not fail to show up, our demand for the immediate invalidation of all judgments pronounced during Angela Merkel's 16 years in power against non-German parents; judgments rendered with the sole aim of appropriating their children and Germanizing them by cutting them off from any link with the French family.

A little reminder for the youngest of our political representatives:

It is thanks to actions in the field, in front of the homes or offices of Nazi criminals such as Kurt Lischka (responsible for the deportation of 73,000 Jews to Auschwitz) Ernst Heinrichsohn (deputy policeman of Kurt Lischka) and Herbert Hagen(collaborator ofEichmann, responsible for roundups in Bordeaux and then in Paris), with French flags and demonstrators determined to confront the "communicative silence" of Germany with regard to its criminals; that these criminals were finally brought to justice in 1979 during the Cologne trial.

The "diplomatic incident" is part of the register of diplomacy.

Among the 35,880 representatives of the nation and of French citizens, a good number of them certainly have in their commune, in their department, or in their region a relative who has been robbed of his or her children and property, for which he or she is, as an elected official, morally, politically and economically responsible in the face of a predatory state.

If there were only 75 parliamentarians with balls in political analysis in October 1938 out of the 535 that constituted the National Assembly, -73communist deputies, one right-wing deputy Henri de Kerillis and one socialist deputy Jean Bouhey, both of whom had already taken part in the First World War, and for whom, small talk and great cowardice were not part of their postures, were going to commit themselves to the Resistance after their fight in Parliament; How many of them will be ready today to participate in a citizen action to make respect what is written in the European law:

"The free movement of persons allows European citizens to move, settle, work and study in any other state of the European Union."

The legitimacy of taking political action -outside the box- to stop these child thefts, is no longer to be demonstrated.

         All that's missing is a little courage...

As soon as the first 100 members of parliament, senators or mayors have signed this appeal, we will organize a first meeting to prepare the continuation of this operation.

Despite the declarations of Catherine Colonna, Minister of Foreign Affairs, who calls for " rearming this ministry ", and of President Emmanuel Macron who promised on the day of his re-election that " child protection would be at the heart of this new quinquennium" , French parents are still alone in fighting against a "Förderprinzip" -principle of continuity-, which allows Germany to condemn non-German children to Forced Residency on its soil (they are there, they stay there), and for France to abandon them there.

- Following questions to the government in 2004, the Association of Mayors of France specified that "there is no sanction foreseen" in case of wearing the scarf outside the framework defined by the General Code of Territorial Authorities.

    This appeal will be sent, after translation, to the 26 parliaments of the other EU member states, whose children and families are also victims of the German repopulation policy, and will invite the parliamentary senators and mayors of these countries to join this movement to repatriate children.

- We thank every citizen who will send this call to action to his mayor, his deputy, his senator.

The telescoping of these three pieces of information calls for urgent action:

- Adoption by the Bundestag of the €200 billion "Doppelwumms" which will distort competition between Germany and all other European countries. 21/10/2022

- Arson of a Ukrainian refugee center tagged with swastikas. October 19, 2022

- The cancellation for the third time of the Franco-German Council of Ministers in Fontainebleau on October 26. "We are currently working on important issues of sovereignty," explained the French presidency. October 19, 2022

- The assembly of French parents dispossessed of their children by Germany also work there.

- Support them in this transparent fight. Thank you.

Sign, support, share, sponsor this call for citizen action; it is to defend your interests and those of your children. Link to sign the call for citizen action:

Angela Merkel's 16 years of power over Europe. Full article. 53 minutes of reading.

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